Managing alcohol

The Christmas season approaches and with it for many there is an endless round of getting together with friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Of course that always involves eating and drinking and usually to excess. For most people that is all part and parcel of this time of year but for some it can be a time of concern when they know that their alcohol intake is already bordering on excess and this will just help them go into overdrive.
So what to do?
There are of course a variety of ways that hypnotherapy can help but if that is not to hand…
Think about times when you have easily refused drinking to excess. Perhaps that has been a time when you have your car waiting for you a couple of streets away and so one drink is your limit. Or maybe it has been a time when you preferred waking up the next day with a clear head because you had something special to do or even a time when you were short of cash in your pocket and couldn’t be bothered to go out and get some more. You may even have just watered down your drink and made it last twice as long.

It doesn’t matter how you did it as long as you were successful.
Build on that success and use those same techniques whenever you need to. The more that you use them successfully the more that your confidence in your own self-control will increase.

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