Stop Smoking

Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy is reported to have an excellent success rate when it comes to helping people to stop smoking.  My own practise of being a 30 – 40 a day smoker changed in just one session nearly 20 years ago.  So impressed was I that I opted to qualify as a hypnotherapist myself and have since helped many other people to stop smoking.  After my stop smoking session I watched others smoking (and yes my so called “friends” kept offering me a cigarette) and felt that I could smoke if I wanted to but just didn’t feel inclined to do so. 


Past clients have claimed to have a variety of feelings but the one shared experience appears to be the lack of irritability that generally comes when smokers attempt to stop.  Nothing can be guaranteed and everyone has their own unique experience but using hypnotherapy to help you stop could be a good way of moving towards a healthier (and richer) lifestyle!

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