Anxiety & Fears

It is believed that 30% of the UK population suffer from panic attacks. When an individual first experiences a panic attack it is not unusual for them to believe that they are in the process of a heart attack or some extreme illness and very often, have difficulty believing that it is ‘only’ anxiety. They may think they are foolish or have over re-acted however, the anxiety is still very real and frightening.

This anxiety is usually identified with a bodily reaction of some kind and will often manifest unexpectedly or out of the blue. Invariably it is the fear of experiencing a panic attack at an inopportune moment that causes the biggest problem. Anxiety and panic is just the way your subconscious is trying to keep you safe.

Consciously you might find this behaviour unacceptable but somewhere along the way your subconscious has linked situations and is now trying to protect you. It is important to remember that panic/anxiety is a learnt behaviour, so what is learnt can be unlearnt and so using hypnosis we aim to re-educate your subconscious to react in a different way.